Mumford in the snow!

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Their New Jack Russells

Jack Russells of South Carolina is a small kennel devoted to breeding and raising exceptional Jack Russell Terrier puppies for responsible buyers. Jack Russells of South Carolina has been breeding Jacks for the past 15 years and specializes in both smooth and rough/broken coated shorties. Some of our puppies are called "Pocket Jacks" for their diminuitive size (8-9 inches tall); others range from 10-12 inches tall. Our puppies receive the best of care in a home environment filled with love. We breed only the best to the best.

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A water skiing dog in Chicago??

This is a puppy from Pringle X Guinness born here in 2005.

Duma on Night Patrol! Duma Water Skiing

West Palm Beach, FL

Atlanta, GA

Aiken, SC

Peanut and Snickers with Clara Ruth in Spartanburg, SC.

Caili in Jackson, MS, Summer 2005 

Moultrie in Charleston, SC 

Caili (as a baby)
Jackson, Miss.

Dixie, Bronco, & Casey
Houston, Texas

Ringo with Mollie
Cumming, GA

Hillsdale, NY

Punky helps Amanda, Sumter, SC 

Nina takes a dip while Tina watches.  New Jersey.

Punky (as a baby)
Sumter, SC

Pearl flys with
Carly-  Travelers Rest,

Major with Travis
Charlotte, NC

Pica with Paolo & Luca in
Santa Barbara, CA

Madison, IN.

Charley with Sav and Ken
Charleston, SC

Buster & Shiner with Penny in Gowensville, SC

Louie with Vanessa in Irmo, SC

Tina and Nina in New Jersey

 Russett O'Hara (Rusty)  in Atlanta, GA.

Peanut in Kernersville, NC 

Patty and Anna Belle in Kingston, TN

Hogan lives with Maya in Istanbul, Turkey

Dottie leaves with the Whitaker family for Portland, TN.  Spud tells her "goodbye".

Jack Russell Puppy Adoption

In placing our puppies, our goal is to find the very best homes for them that we possibly can. We look for responsible, knowledgeable puppy buyers that are ready, willing and able to accept the responsibilities that go along with Jack Russell Terrier ownership. We want each puppy to have a long, happy and healthy life with a loving family. We love to stay in touch with our new "extended" family members, and are happy to provide any advice and support that you may need as you adjust to life with your new Jack Russell Terrier puppy.

We sincerely hope that all our puppy placements are permanent, but Jack Russell Terriers of South Carolina puppies are always welcome home in the event that the new owners are unable to keep them for any reason.

Jack Russells of South Carolina
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Aiken, South Carolina
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