Adult Jack Russell Dogs for Sale

We regretfully offer these adult dogs for sale.  These Jack Russell Terriers are quality dogs who still have a lifetime ahead of them.  It is our intention to find them the best homes that we possibly can with new owners who have Jack Russell experience.

All of these dogs are good tempered, pleasant shorties which will make great companions for other dogs and for their people owners.  They are intelligent and healthy, and come with all vaccinations and worming. 

We feel that the older dog has much to offer a family or single who does not have the time nor does not  want to go through the "puppy stage".   After the initial period of adjustment, they are ready to go to the park, ride in the car,  play ball, and hang out with "their" person. 

Check them over and then give us a call. We no longer ship adults.

Jack Russell Dog for Sale


Pence is an older male who would love living on a farm in the country, especially if he can bring his friend Happy along.

Jack Russell Dog For Sale


Ivory is a 2-year-old female who would enjoy being another dog's companion in a nice outdoor yard.

Jack Russell Adult Dogs


Wallace is SOLD and living with a family in Chicago. He shares his time between a condo in the city and a farm in Peoria. He does not like walking in the snow or wearing snow boots. He prefers being carried across the street when it snows!

Jack Russell Dogs for Sale

Preston is sold and living in Illinois with two retirees who love this dog very much.  The lady bought him to be "her" dog, but the latest news is that he takes naps in the recliner with the gentleman of the house!  Guess the lady of the house needs to call us again.

Little T-Bone

Little T. is the son of Bitsy and T-Bone.  He is a wonderfully dispositioned dog with lots of play and love to go around.  Absolutely, he takes the best from both his mother and his father.  Little T. is crate trained and is working on his leash manners.  He has been neutered and is ready to go home with his new family.  Little T loves everybody and is priced at $500.  Sold and going to Port Orchard, Washington.


Jack Russell For Sale

Tiny is a small affectionate rough coat female. She is an active dog who and would be very loyal to her new owner. Tiny has already been spayed and is ready for her new home.  Tiny is sold and going home with Matt.

Chico - Jack Russell Terrier


Chico is the neutered son of Tootsie Roll and Saint Hubert.  He is three years old and has a very pleasing personality.  Chico would make a great companion dog for people or other dogs.  Chico goes on a leash and is crate trained.  His coat makes him one of the handsomest dogs we have.  Chico is sold and living with Digger in Aiken, SC.

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